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Just as every domain needs, the healthcare information technology industry too demands that its professionals be as knowledgeable as they are skilled. A thorough understanding of the industry landscape, underlying principles that govern its functioning and dynamics that determine outcomes, thus, is a must for those seeking to be a part of it. Aspirants also need to be well-informed about the various processes employed, different players involved and the nature of interaction between each integral entity.
But all of this information that can be a lot to assimilate and comprehend. And this is where Aspire can help.
Specifically designed to ramp you up quickly, our course content has been developed by emids technologies and validated against real-world challenges, to help you be ahead of the curve.
Gain insights on:

Key players in healthcare ecosystem, their relationships and roles

Revenue cycle management to introduce you to payers, providers and infomediaries

Clinical, administrative, medical coding and interoperability standards facilitating information exchange in the healthcare system

Develop a thorough understanding of:

Core components of the healthcare Provider ecosystem

Comprehensive network of integrated information systems Providers use - Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

How HIS is used to manage medical, administrative, financial and legal aspects of the business

Patient care and practice management processes

All the courses you need to improve your HIT knowledge!

Cycle Management
Basics of managing revenues cycle for Providers, Payers, Infomediaries and the respective IT systems involved
Types of healthcare providers, NPI, services provided, and systems used in clinical and administrative functions
Clearinghouses and Health Information Exchange
Entity that captures healthcare usage data, which then can be used to profile consumer purchasing and usage patterns
Healthcare Data Standards
Data Standards
Coding Standards and HIPAA & EDI
Healthcare Data Trends
Healthcare Data Trends
Trends in the healthcare industry, key vendors and spending patterns of hospitals and unfunded mandates

All the courses you need to improve your PROVIDER knowledge!

Hospital Information System
Information System
Definition, facilitators, components and benefits
Patient Care Management
Care Management
Description, components, standards, environment, messaging and clinical vocabulary of an EHR
Clinical Support System
Support System
Software used by various departments and their specialized needs
Practice Management System
Management System
Systems that facilitate day-to-day administrative operations

Key Benefits of aspire for Individuals
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For Individuals
For Enterprises
A better look at both the functional and technology aspects of healthcare
Access to content used by industry professionals for several years
Quizzes at the end of every module to evaluate your conceptual understanding
Benefit from yearly upgrades to the content
Ideal for on-boarding those new to healthcare or as a knowledge repository for more experienced professionals
An intuitive self-service interface that allows them to monitor progress and assign courses better
Easy access to purchase add-on licenses
Benefit from the annually updated content

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